When  I first started looking for micrometeorites I read an article online  that basically told me to look in my gutters and anything that was  magnetic was from space. The image to the right is a pair of diatoms on what I  thought was a micrometeorite at the time. Eventually I learned a bit  more I found out that they were actually spherical, armed with this new  insight I went up and retrieved magnetic material from my gutters.  Looking through my microscope I found a sphere! "Yay!" I thought, "I  found my first micrometeorite." Then I found another and another and  THEN.. I found Jon Larsen's book. He explained that there is a lot more  to finding micrometeorites than just finding metal spheres, which turned  out to be man made spheres that have not seen the darkness of space..  at all. This was what I needed to actually find micrometeorites, I  needed to know not only what to look for but what to discard. Grinding  wheels and fireworks make little spheres, even using a lighter will make  them, I've made them myself. Now that I have found micrometeorites I  really want to help other people rid the idea that was once in my head  as well. It's a little more work and a little more time consuming but in  the end it pays off, greatly. So hopefully this site will help you find  a real piece of the cosmos of your own.